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rothen ecotronics
Kasernenstr. 41
3013 Bern

phone: 031 333 71 82
fax: 031 333 71 83

EMail: rothen_s@bluewin.ch

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Linie aus Steinen / line of rocks

rothen ecotronics is a small enterprise engaged in web solutions and teaching.  I implement internet and intranet solutions, including HTML, JavaScript and CSS. My speciality is server-side development for database backed web sites with Java / Spring / JSP or ASP.NET based on Oracle databases

As an author I have published in weekly or monthly magazines like dot.net magazin, CT and M + K Computermarkt. Data Becker published my book "Excel 2000 direkt" (in German), which is no longer available. Together with Max Kleiner und Bernhard Angerer I wrote the book "Patterns konkret".

Besides I'm giving classes for Microsoft Excel and Access, VBA and ASP at the Swiss computer school Digicomp Academy.

I'm certified as

  • Sun Certified Programmer for Java 1.4
  • Microsoft Offices Specialist Master
  • Microsoft Office Master Instructor


Economist with focus on national economy and business computer science and a doctoral thesis on environmental economics
Degree: Dr. rer. pol. University of Berne

Used technologies:

Java / JSP / JSF / XML
J2EE with ADFBC / Spring
Oracle, MySQL
Wordpress / Limesurvey
HTML, CSS, JavaScript
VBA (Excel, Access)

My tools are (among others):
JDeveloper, Netbeans
Excel, Access (Office),
Visual Interdev,
and Frontpage.

Linie aus Steinen / line of rocks

Here are some of my latest projects I worked in:

  • Alstom Baden: Several projects with Excel and Access, among others reporting tool for working hours, assessment tool
  • Arcoma Balsthal: webbased CRM in ASP and ASP.NET
  • Federal Office for the equality of women and men: Logib, a tool for the assessment of salary equality between women and men (Excel, VBA)
  • PEG AG, Aarburg: Database-backed ECommerce-Platform (ASP, Oracle; together with dynasoft AG)
  • Gender Equality Project, Geneva: Online survey with LimeSurvey, MySql and PHP

Older Projects

  • CS Zürich: Intranet solution for the management of events (ASP / Access, together with Leico GmbH Baden)
  • Jutzler AG, Oberburg: Document archive solution (Java / JSP / Oracle; together with dynasoft AG)
  • Prodega, Moosseedorf: Intranet-Solution for image conversion and management (ASP, SQLServer)
  • Radio museum E. Erb, Lucerne: Preparing data for printing (Excel / VBA)
  • SwissTxt, Biel: Reporting for working hours (Excel)
  • TERRE DES FEMMES Switzerland: Design and programming of a database-backed web site with online fundraising (ASP, Microsoft Access)
  • Tonet AG: Database-backed Webshop (Java / JSP; together with dynasoft AG)

On my web site you find some examples of server-side programming (all in German):

Linie aus Steinen / line of rocks

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